Family dedication to color & sustainability, from L.A. to the world... a colorful story since 1923!

A wide range of pigment, ink and ink products for a broad range of applications,
including: textile, wallpaper, printing, transfer, and specialty services

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Aqua Indicator

What is Aqua Indicator®?
Aqua Indicator® is a functional material which changes its color from white to other
various colors by getting wet. Aqua Indicator is dilutable according to the purpose.

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What is Thermolock®?
Thermolock® is heat sensitive color changing pigment manufactured by Matsui Shikiso Chemical Co., Ltd. in Japan.

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Deodorant Aroma Spray

What is Deodorant Aroma Spray?
Deodorant Aroma spray is the best solution for eliminating body odor on clothes and​ Sports Equipment.​

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97 years of dedication

We have a firm dedication to color, since 1923, bringing Japanese love and passion for color to the world!

Japanese Innovation

In Japanese culture, the need of finding new ways to do things better is not a discipline but simply a way of life

Tradition of Balance

We embrace and pursue life in harmony with the world we inhabit, which translates to the products we produce.

Passion for Presicion

A culture of excellence we organically seek quality and performance that gives peace of mind to our clients.

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