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Matsui Additives

What is an Additive?

An Additive is a substance added in small amounts to something else to improve, strengthen, or otherwise alter it. Additives are used for a variety of reasons. They are added to ink, for example, to enhance wash fastness or extend open time in the screen or to adjust viscosities.  Additives in our industry especially when printing water base are very helpful when used properly and as recommended.

Quick Additive

Mix 7-10% of Quick (All in One) Additive into ink to help extend the open time and keep the product from clogging in the screen. 35% humidity or above in your shop will also help extend the open time of water base inks, also better hand feel of a print. This additive will help wash & crock fastness at the same time. For the shop is using three additives (Retarder MG, Softener MG, Fixer WF-N) this additive will save the time a lot.

Retarder MG

Mix 1-5% of Retarder MG in to ink to help extend the open time and keep the product from clogging in the screen.

Fixer WF-N

Use Fixer WF-N at 1-4% to help with wash fastness. Fixer WF-N lowers the cure temperature to 300°F/150°C. There is no limited pot life with Fixer WF-N. This fixer does meet All RSL’s (Restricted Substance List) of all major brands.

Fixer L

Use Fixer L at 2-3% is an air dry additive and helps improve wash fastness. Fixer L can help when lower cure temperatures or faster belt speeds are needed. The pot life of the ink is roughly 24 hours once mixed. This fixer meets ALL RSL (Restricted Substance List) of all major brands.

Fixer V

Use Fixer V at 2-3% to help with wash fastness. This additive is designed for Poly Urethane water based printing binders, it greatly improves washing and crocking fastness. Fixer V does not contain any banned substances such as APEO, Formaldehyde, Organo Tin Compounds.

Softener MG

Softener MG is a silicone softener. You can also blend in to water base inks at 10% to act as a foil release agent. Softener MG at 20% mixed in to water also makes an excellent cleaning solution for cleaning screens and mixing utensils.

Thickener B

Use Carrier B/Thickener B at 0.25-1% to raise the viscosity and help hold your dot for halftone printing. Be sure to use a high speed mixer when adding this product into your ink. Creates a short bodied ink.

RV Additive

Use Catalyst 3000/RV Additive at 1-3% to help reduce the viscosity and penetrate the ink in to the fabric.

Discharge Agent

Add to activate discharge inks. Recommended use is typically 6%.