Silicone Lettering Film

for laser cutting (reflective)

Silicone Lettering Film (Reflective)

What is Silicone Lettering Film?

Silicon Lettering Film is a type of film that can be laser cut to form images, logos, and texts. Once cut, it can be heat sealed onto garments and other materials using heat transfer machines.

Types of Silicone Lettering (Reflective)

There are three kinds of reflective lettering films:

-0.2MM - Silver Gray Reflective Silicone Film

-0.25M - Reflective Silicone Film (Multi Color Selection)

-0.3MM - Sublimated Reflective Silicone Film (Multi Color Selection)

0.3MM sublimated reflective silicone film (Multi color selection) is mainly used for sportswear fabrics that are easy to decolor.

The reflectivity of the reflective silicone film is fixed, and the reflectivity of bright silver is 400cd/lux/c㎡. Colors other than bright silver have different reflectivity, ranging from 30-120cd/lux/c㎡.

The main prevention is to prevent the color on the fabric from transiting to the logo during the hot pressing process, so as to maintain the original color and effect of the logo.

Additionally, there is an option for an anti-sublimation layer.


The top layer is a protective film that is removed prior to cutting. The middle layer is a silica gel lettering film that is cut using a laser cutting machine to create the desired pattern. The bottom layer is made of PET material. After the laser cutting, the excess silica gel film outside of the pattern is trimmed to the desired size for reading applications.


Temperature: 140 degrees C -150 degrees C
Time: 15 seconds Pressure: 2kg cm2
Cold peel

Available Colors