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What is Biomass?

Biomass Stretch Clear & Biomass Stretch White are the waterbased PU base printing paste which is made of the plant derived materials in order to meet with the requirements by SDGs aiming for sustainable world.


Although being made of the Biomass related materials, these products well maintain remarkable softness, smoothness & non tackiness on its print surface, elasticity and various fastnesses similar to Matsui’s other existing products.

Technical Data Sheet

Special Recommendations

a. Please, conduct pre-test to determine its applicability to the final product.
b. Both products have thixotropic behavior, so mix well before use.
c. Fixer (cross linking agent) is a must. Adding Fixer L, the prepared paste needs to be used up within 6 hours.
Adding Fixer WF-N, the paste can be stored afterwards, but a baking process is required at the temperature over
d. When screen clogging occurs, add “Retardant MG” into the printing paste.
e. When the viscosity needs to be increased, add “Emacol R-600” at 0.1 - 0.5% into the printing paste.
f. When the viscosity needs to be reduced, add “RV Additive” at 0.3 - 2.0%.
g. Keep sealed after each use to avoid dry and store in cool and dark place.