Screen Printing Products

Water Resistant Fabric Ink

SWR Series

What is SWR Series?

SWR Series was designed for the printing on fabrics are treated water repellant which is Nylon, Polyester and so on. The Blocker SWR stops the migration from the polyester dye and the White SWR has good opacity for the dark colored fabric. At the same time, this system has good fastness and superior soft had feel.


-Easy to mix and print

-Creates thousands of color shades by adding up to 15% Neo Pigments

-Excellent printability with no viscosity modifications

-Extremely soft hand feel that PVC inks cannot achieve

-Is “PVC Free” and environmentally safe

Special Recommendations

SWR Series should be mixed in clean vessels using clean mixing blades and utensils. Any contamination from other ink sources or non-approved additives could make.

-Use Fixer V 2-3% to have excellent fastness

-Use Retarder MG 1-5% to help with open time in the screen

-Use Thickener B .25-1% to help thicken the ink