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Aqua Indicator

What is Aqua Indicator®?

Aqua Indicator® is a functional material which changes its color from white to other various colors by getting wet. Aqua Indicator is dilutable according to the purpose.

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Hydrochromic white®

Gravure Ink NC Base

Aqua Indicator Gravure Ink NC Base basically is irreversible color-change, but it is possible to make it reversible color-change by adjusting its formulation on request.

How to use ;
- Process : Gravure Printing
- Formula : 100%, Straight Use

“Aqua Indicator Gravure Ink NC Base” contains 20% of Aqua Indicator (powder). To dilute it, if necessary, “Clear Gravure NC Base” can be mixed accordingly.

Hot Melt

Aqua Indicator Hot Melt is hot-melt type moisture sensitive color-change ink, which changes its color from "colorless" to blue.

This product was designed particularly for Urine-Indicator print on diapers, which requires multilayered laminations by applying hot-melt type adhesives.

Hot Melt originally is solid form, but it gets loosened and becomes paste when heated up. It is irreversible color-change.

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