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Aqua Indicator

What is Aqua Indicator®?

Aqua Indicator® is a functional material which changes its color from white to other various colors by getting wet. Aqua Indicator is dilutable according to the purpose.

Gravure Ink NC Base

Aqua Indicator Gravure Ink NC Base basically is reversible color-change, but it is possible to make it irreversible color-change by adjusting its formulation on request.

How to use ;
- Process : Gravure Printing
- Formula : 100%, Straight Use

“Aqua Indicator Gravure Ink NC Base” contains 20% of Aqua Indicator (powder). To dilute it, if necessary, “Clear Gravure NC Base” can be mixed accordingly.

Flexo Ink

Aqua Indicator Flexo Ink is a flexographic ink which contains pigment that reacts to the presence of water. It is colorless, slightly white in appearance, and turns blue when exposed to water.

Hot Melt

Aqua Indicator Hot Melt is hot-melt type moisture sensitive color-change ink, which changes its color from "colorless" to blue.

This product was designed particularly for Urine-Indicator print on diapers, which requires multilayered laminations by applying hot-melt type adhesives.

Hot Melt originally is solid form, but it gets loosened and becomes paste when heated up. It is irreversible color-change.

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