Scented Pigments



What is Aroma?

Aroma ink is a "scratch and sniff" product. In order to activate the scent, you must rub the printed Aroma ink. Aroma ink has 4 scents available: Ambrosia, Lemon, Lavender, and Rose.

Custom Microencapsulation

Microencapsulation is a process in which active substances are coated by extremely small capsules. In addition to pigment, we can microencapsulate other components such as odor inhibitors (body odor, pets odor, urine smell), hair tonics (nutritions) and more!

The microcapsule is NF grade.

AQ Ink

Aroma Granule Aqualite Ink is water soluble dispersed paste in which kinds of perfume are compounded stably as well as in high concentration through our original micro-encapsulation technology. Each perfumed printing can be obtained through compounding each binder with this ink and performing screen-print.

The products printed with Aroma Granule AQ Ink can give off perfume by destruction of the capsules through rubbing or scrubbing printed part with hands. Further, micro-capsules on printing are stable for several years unless destroyed.

AQ Ink NF Grade

Aroma Granule Aqualite (AQ) Ink NF (Non-Formaldehyde) Grade” is a water based slurry in which various kinds of perfume are compounded stably as well as in high concentration through our original micro-encapsulating technology without formaldehyde.

Aroma Granule AQ Ink NF Grade gives off each kind of fragrance desired through capsules destruction by rubbing by hand. The relevant capsules on the treated cloth are stable for long period of time unless broken and have rather high practical use towards washing under the ordinary temperature. This ink can be easily compounded into textile chemicals such as printing paste and finishing solution.

Although Aroma Granule AQ Ink NF Grade offers seven scents, it can be produced in any custom fragrance.

Application examples: Textile print, Fabric Softener, Detergent, Soap, Shampoo, Bath bomb

Aroma Granule AQ Ink NF-GEL Grade

Aroma Granule AQ Ink NF-GEL Grade is a Formaldehyde-Free Fragrance Microcapsules using our own micro-encapsulating technology, which are stably dispersed in aqueous slurry, and especially designed to be compounded into fabric-softener. Adding encapsulated perfume into the fabric-softening agent, the treated textile can sustain perfume effect longer period of time. Aroma Granule AQ Ink NF-GEL Grade can give out the fragrance only when its micro-capsule is damaged and broken by an outer impact when the fabric is kneaded or rubbed.

The microcapsules processed and attached onto the fabric keep having the fragrance effect for months or years as long as the microcapsules remain unbroken.

Available Scents

AQ Ink






-Lavender NF

-Lemon NF

-Rose NF

-Ambrosia NF

-Bouquet NF

-Soft Floral NF

-Elegant Floral NF

-Custom Fragrance Available