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Condensation Indicator®

What is Condensation Indicator?

This product is an ink that can indicate the history of condensation by utilizing a water soluble pigment. It is clear to extremely light color during frozen storage, but turns darker color due to condensation during thawing and maintains its color even after refreezing.

• Available Colors

• Performance Information

<Test Method>

Attach the condensation indicator to an object being tested and store both in a polyethylene bottle filled with room temperature water. Afterward, the test subject undergoes 1) three days of freezer storage, 2) one hour of thawing at room temperature, and 3) five hours of refreezing. Record the color changes in the condensation indicator during each step.

• Caution

・The color sensitivity of the product decreases when exposed to sunlight, so please store the product in a place that avoids direct sunlight.

・ Although the product only slightly changes color under high humidity conditions, please avoid storing it in humid environments.