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Hydrochromic White

What is Hyrdrochromic White?

Hydrochromic White is a water-based binder to be used for Screen Printing onto cotton, polyester, nylon, other blended fabric or nonwoven fabric.


Hydrochromic White changes repeatedly from white to nearly transparent when wetted with water and changes back to the original white when dried. Therefore, having some image underneath and over-printing Hydro Chromic White on top, you may have a special effect that hides the image with white when dried and shows the image when wetted.

Also, the coating is soft to the touch and excellent in water resistance and rubbing strength so the binder is suitable for toys such as a diaper of a baby doll.

Furthermore, you may add Neo Color (our pigment color) into the binder to obtain reversible color change from colored opaque to colored transparent with water, which can increase the hiding power of the preprinted design.

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AQ Ink

Photopia® AQ Ink is a water-based dispersive paste which includes light-sensitive colorants in high concentration. The colorants repeats color changes reversibly through the sunlight or ultraviolet radiation. The print with light-sensitive effect can be obtained through printing the ink mixed with water-based binders. Also, through Aqualite Coloring System, the ink can be used for cotton products.

Photopia® AQ Ink is a BPA and formaldehyde free product.

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Photopia® color is an organic photochromic colorant which repeats “color exhibition” and “color disappearance” reversibly through the sunlight or ultraviolet radiation. Products with light-sensitive color change effect can be obtained through adding the ink into synthetic resin etc.

Photopia® Color W is colorant which contains stably the light sensitive color change colorant (Photopia Color) into micro capsules. The coatings and printing products exhibit color under sunlight and ultraviolet whereas they restore to their original color in the dark and these reversible changes can be repeated again and again.

Photopia ® Color W can obtain light sensitive color change products without the effect of coating material and additive agent such as vehicle in ink because it contains stably light sensitive color change colorant in micro capsule.

Photopia® Color and Photopia® Color W are BPA and formaldehyde free products.

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