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Moist Indicator®

What is Moist Indicator?

This product detects humidity by utilizing a water soluble pigment (aqua indicator),which becomes darker in color as the humidity increases and accumulates. It is clear to very light color in low humidity environments, slowly changing to darker color when exposed to high humidity, and will maintain its color once it has changed.

• Available Colors

• Paper Information

Paper weight: 105.01 g/m2, Thickness: 0.131 mm, Density: 0.80 g/cm3

The color changing speed will vary depending on the type of paper used.

• Performance Information

<Test Method>

Leave the humidity indicator in both 10~15% humidity and 70~75% humidity environments for a set period of time and measure the color concentration (cyan concentration measured with a spectrophotometer) at set intervals

• Caution

・The color sensitivity of the product decreases when exposed to sunlight, so please store the product in a place that avoids direct sunlight.

・Although the product only slightly changes color under high humidity conditions, please avoid storing it in humid environments.