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What is Photolock®?

Photolock® is a permanent UV sensitive color changing ink for screen printing or plastic molding.

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AQ Ink

Photolock Aqualite Ink (AQ Ink) is the micro-encapsulated irreversible photochromic colorant in waterbased slurry form, behaving from colorless to blue-color changing gradually according to the amount/degree of UV Light.  

Compounding Photolock AQ Ink into various aqueous-based clear ink and printing it onto paper, film or fabric, the print with UV indication can be obtained.  

The final object printed with Photolock AQ ink changes its color from Colorless >> Blue >> Dark Blue gradually according to the amount/degree of UV Light and will never come back to the Colorless condition.  An additional exposure to UV Light even after the blue color starts to occur makes Photolock Blue color further darker according to the accumulated UV Light amount absorbed; therefore, it is ideal to use Photolock for a simple UV-light meter, Sun-Tan warning labels or other indicator purposes.  

Types :
#3  ---  Color change function by minute.
#4  ---  Color change function by hours.

Both are available only in Blue color.  

Usage :
Precaution ;  Photolock is an irreversible photochromic; therefore, strictly avoid the exposure to UV light during storage, mixing, printing…etc..

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