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What is Thermolock®?

Thermolock® is heat sensitive color changing pigment manufactured by Matsui Shikiso Chemical Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Thermolock® in a decolored state gradually starts recoloring when the temperature goes lower than the set temperature. It gets full color shade when the temperature reaches lower than its ‘Temperature for Color-Lock’. Once it reaches the Color-Lock temperature, the color stays irreversible as long as the temperature is within the range.

On the other hand, Thermolock® in a colored state works the opposite way that it starts decoloring when the temperature goes higher than the set temperature, and it still continues color/decolor changing reversibly but the color stays irreversible over the Temperature for Decolor-Lock.

PE/PP Concentrate

Whereas existing Chromicolor repeats reversible coloring and decoloring by temperature, Thermolock is temperature-sensitive color change colorant, which has quasi-irreversible color change property, which decolors by heating over decolor-locked temperature and never colors again under normal daily-living temperature. This enables Thermolock to be applied for products that had difficulty in visibility for existing Chromicolor such as indicator for temperature control, security products or sensor, etc.  

Thermolock PE Conc is masterbatch that contains Thermolock (quasi-irreversible microencapsulated-temperature sensitive color change colorant) in polyethylene resin. By compounding this masterbatch in colorless or colored PE resin at 5 – 10%, molding of quasi-irreversible microencapsulated-temperature sensitive color change property will be obtained.  

Thermolock PE/PP Conc are BPA Free Products.

(Standard Formula for Composition)
Polyethylene resin pellet (natural) 100
Thermolock PE Conc       ~10  
Total                  110

Blend the above by tumbler and put in hopper of molding machine. Then, perform injection molding or extrusion molding with desired metallic mold.

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AQ Ink

Thermolock AQ Ink is a quasi-irreversible temperature sensitive color change colorant, which decolors when heated at higher than (Decolor-locked temperature), and never develops color again at ordinary temperature.

It is water-based dispersion paste, which contains Thermolock capsules at high density.

Thermolock AQ Ink is a BPA free product.

Examples of Usage
The product can be blended with each binder and printed on fabric or paper. Printed or painted product can be used as each indicator or other security use.

As particle size S Type is smaller, it can be diluted with water to be used for each pen ink.

Marker Pen

Thermolock Marker will now only be available in our water base formula!

Operation will be more efficient since check marks of connecting parts and temperature will be managed the same time
Can be used for heads of screws and surfaces of copper bans. Also can be used as substitutes for temperature indicating seals.

It will start to change its color at 65°C or higher and  will lock its color at 80°C or higher. The color will not return back to its original color under normal temperature. There, upon inspection, even after shutting off power supplies, it is possible to easily detect portions where temperatures have exceeded over 80°C.

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Other Usages

Biohazard Mark (Image 1):
The color disappears with Heat curing above 80degrees Celsius, and the original color does not return under the ordinary & daily condition after disappearing. This feature makes it possible even after the elapse of time to visually confirm whether the Heat curing has been conducted.

Thermolock is applied as the biohazard mark on the bag for collecting the infectious waste products. Biohazard mark becomes colorless after the autoclave treatment, which can easily check whether the infectious waste products have been heat-treated.

Fresh Indicator:
Thermolock® is a heat sensitive color changing pigment that performs a semi-permanentcolor change in which a color disappears and is locked in at or above a threshold temperature. Additionally, the original color will not return under ordinary, daily conditions, but only if the temperature is lowered dramatically.Some possible uses may include temperature control indicators as well as security products and sensors

Battery Checker (Image 2):
A pigment with heat sensitive technology that will detect and react to a specific temperature point to the battery. The color will change from one to another semipermanently. The color change only occurs when it reaches at specific temperature °C/°F point.

Security Usage (Image 3):
You can print ink at room temperature. Activate to get clear state of ink. Print text such as "Secure" without activating. When heated, the word "Secure" will disappear because it blends with previously activated ink.

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