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What is Chromicolor?

September 17, 2020

What is Chromicolor?

Chromicolor is a revolutionary line of temperature-sensitive inks and plastics which are capable for use on a variety of surfaces These outstanding products come in a range of 11 beautiful shades. A colorless option is also available. These products are capable of being used for whichever range of warm or cold temperatures you desire. From temperatures of near freezing up to 105℉, there are so many ways to make a big impression with color-changing products.

What makes Matsui Chromicolor different than other similar products on the market?

Chromicolor’s color-changing effects are always crisp, predictable, and last over time. This means that for large orders there is no need to worry about inconsistent quality from batch to batch. You’ll always have vibrant colors disappear and reappear. The quality and performance of Chromicolor is unmatched. Upon investigation of inferior products which promise a similar result but fail to deliver, you will truly understand why Chromicolor is an industry leader in temperature-sensitive inks and plastics.

Another important quality that also makes Chromicolor stand out from the crowd is their low formaldehyde content, which is significantly lower than the required safety levels. As well as this, all Chromicolor products are entirely BPA-free. This is a clear contrast to what is found with many of the lesser quality competitors on the market. You can be sure you are purchasing the healthiest and most eco-friendly products that are available.

What can I do with Chromicolor Temperature-sensitive inks and plastics?

There are so many interesting uses for Chromicolor. For your businesses there is such a vast array of possibilities for creating unique consumer products. Revamp a best-selling item with color-changing ink or start an entirely new product line featuring temperature-sensitive ink.

Chromicolor inks and plastics can also be used to help promote your business through novelty items and other clever marketing tools. You can create a lot of buzz through color-changing messages, or disappearing/reappearing advertising messages. With some creativity and Chromicolor products, the possibilities are endless!

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