What is Phantom Clear?

Have you ever wanted to let everyone know just how much fun you are having or how hard you're working without shouting it from the rooftop? Matsui's Phantom Clear is an ink that can help your clients do just that and look like a magician in the process.

How? Phantom Clear prints clear and dries invisible until wet with water or moisture. This makes it a unique product for fitness brands, gyms, or water sports and activities. The best part is that Phantom Clear, which is water-based, is straightforward to print with.

How to Print Phantom Clear

Garments: Before you start, choose the correct garment. Phantom Clear is invisible until wet, so design on light enough garments so it will show up when wet. Lighter athletic colors, like a heather gray, work great for this.

Screens: Phantom Clear is a PVC-Free eco-friendly ink that prints through standard mesh sizes ranging from 110 to 200.

Emulsion: Your stencil can be created from the same emulsions and processes that you use for any of our HSA or Discharge Inks. We typically recommend a water/solvent-resistant emulsion.

Printing: When printing manually or automatic, we recommend flooding the screen before and after the print, printing with double print stroke to maximize saturation. You can use a flash if you are printing around another design, but no print-flash-print is necessary if you are printing directly to fabric.

Curing: Phantom Clear is cured at normal temperatures of 320 degrees, with a dryer dwell time of 120 seconds, depending on your dryer's airflow.

Ideas on Selling Phantom Clear

-Branding or motivational messages for fitness gyms or brands that appear as the shirt gets sweat on it. This can be hidden as a part of a brand or design or as a stand-alone feature print.

-Great for fun branding and messages on swim shirts, active water sports, or adventure water sports such as rafting, surfing, jet boating, etc.

-Anything and everything that involves t-shirts and getting wet, so we'll let your imagination take it from there.

Connect with your local Matsui Dealer to try Phantom Clear and see the magic yourself!